Saturday, March 1, 2014

Of My Cake Story :-)

by Hafizah Marzuki (Rx10 Media)

Assalamualaikum.... (*awkward*)
This week is my turn to write something in this blog.
I wish what I’m going to write could benefit others, in whatsoever ways. :p

Maybe it’s known by many that I love food, especially desserts. I don’t just love to eat them, but also love to know how to make them. I just love browsing blogs on cakes, watching Youtube on how to make frostings, “visiting” bakeries to see decorations on cakes and stuffs.

Remember what Mdm Halimah told us when we’re learning about creams, ointments back in 1st year? She said pharmacy is just like baking. “You add butter, flour bla bla bla”. Every time she mentioned that, I would get excited - excited to know that pharmacy is actually a FUN thing because for me baking is fun! ;)

Orite, I actually want to share good things about baking. True enough it will mess your kitchen with flour dusting the table, lots of kitchen tools to be cleaned as the after-maths :p, and the saddest thing is to know that your cake doesn’t turn out nicely, which is kek jadi bantat/tak naik. Haha. No worries, we still have good things to learn.

 It trains us to come up with solutions – in case of kek tak naik. We would urge our mind to think again and again of what we’ve done during the making of the cake. 

Telur tak cukup pukul ke? 
Tepung lupa ayak ke? 
Ke mangkuk mixer ada air tadi? 

When we’ve sorted out the problem, we would tend to try again, kan? This would also train us not to give up so early. If first attempt does not work, it doesn’t mean the next attempts won’t. Macam kuiz kita la. Sekali fail, tak semestinya next time takleh nak score 9 ke, 10 ke, kan? Chill.

It develops creativity. For me, it applies during shortage of ingredients. Haha. Milo as the substitution for coco powder. Susu pekat manis/madu for gula pasir. Minyak masak for butter. Etc etc. Don’t get too “attached” to the recipe. It limits our creativity. 

Try new things, try to produce something new!
      If others do it this way, it does not mean it’s necessary for us to do it in that way too. Be different orang kata. So what? Hehe. Get my point?

           “It’s not the recipe’s fault; it’s the baker’s fault”

      Too often in our life we would blame others whenever bad things befall us. Bila masak tak jadi, cakap resipi tu tak betul. Bila masak tak sedap, kata resipi tu salah bagi sukatan. Have we ever wondered our own fault? It’s to follow THAT recipe at the first place. Haha. C’mon. Bila apa-apa benda tak best jadi kat kita, sit back and relax. It’s nobody’s fault actually. Life is a learning process. A journey, not a destination. Ambil ibrah di sepanjang perjalanan tu.
      Baking teaches me that my life is completely different from others. So, don’t compare. I find making pavlova hard, but Iejan can do it very well, many times. I might find baking choc cakes easy, but others might find it complicated. Sooo, focus on our potential, at the same time, improve what we’re lacking. It may take some time, but it’s our life story. Takde sapa kisah pon. Hehe.

Maybe that’s enough of my long bebelan. I hope it would do good to readers.

Last but never the least, every time we start off baking, we’re not certain that it will produce good cakes. Every time we start doing thing, we’re not sure that it will be a great success. It’s 50:50. Do it anyway. 
Allah counts the hard work, not the result. <3

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