Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hi guys !

this is just another welcoming note to all of you my dear RX10 super duper cool members ! ^^

so people, 
it's 3rd Nov 2011,
a date to remember, 
the launching day of this RX10 official blog.
sorry to have been taken a few months, two months to be precise, for this blog to be published. 
busy tak sempat takde masa kan. hehe.

lets make this heart note from me short and simple.

the purpose of this blog sebenarnya senang je. 
between each and every members in our batch, and 
everything regarding to our life matters for the upcoming four years kita kat sini.
termasuk study matters and all others. love matter pun boleh. haha. but not to be so personal. note that peeps? ^^

so, itu je kot for the introduction. 
 to those who have any ideas in improving this blog are greatly welcomed ! 
but for the time being, it would only be me and syahmi as the admins *thanks to those yg oppoint me as the admin haritu -.-
few others will be appointed soon.

Do enjoy this blog ya kawan2!
walaupun takde pape pun lagi :D

hoping that this blog can provide the missing link to a better communication among each and every of us ! :)
Salam ^^

Complementing and Leading.

Welcome, guys.

Well officially, this is the official blog for RX10, IIUM Indera Mahkota Campus.
The contents, well you can guess,

bole jadi skema, dan bole jadi rock and roll.

as long as it doesnt go against IIUM Rules and Regulations :P

the admins,
sorry, will be just the two of us for the moment.
Syed and Safiga.

nanti akan tambah2 lagi :D

till then, stay cool, RX10!