Monday, February 9, 2015

RX10 in Sydney !!! (Part IV)

By: the 6 sisters

By: Siti Zakiah @Madame Tussauds

Day 4: Lakemba and Auburn : Muslims Community

Destination – Lakemba (9am-12pm) 

This 2 places actually are the area that most of Muslim community live. Fyi, this places were recommended by Dr Wan (Dr Wan stay dkt lakemba when taking his PhD). As we arrived there, we observed that most of the owner of the shops are Muslim. So, mmg sng sgt la nk cari mknn area tu sbb dijamin halal. -then, we managed to visit the Islamic Women's Welfare Center that was established by the Islamic Women's Welfare Association (IWWA). IWWA was established in 2000 to meet the growing religious and social needs of Muslim Women and their families from all backgrounds in Sydney, Australia. Basically, IWWA is a non-profit organization run by management committee and volunteers. Financial sources of IWWA dtg nyer dari membership, donations and fundraising. The heart of IWWA are basically they providing education (Quran memorization & tajweed, teaching Arabic & English), they also providing social needs and counselling. During holidays, they even prepare activities for women and children. IWWA approximately caters about 250 women and 100 children each week. -details of IWWA; 4/180 Haldon Street, Lakemba NSW 2195, Sydney, Australia (address) (website)

Islamic Women's Welfare Center (view from outside)

Destination – Auburn (2pm-4pm) 

-ok guys, next stop is auburn. Auburn is another place where most of the Muslim in Sydney live in. Sampai jek kt auburn, we went straight to masjid utk solat zohor. As for Auburn, we only managed to visit the mosque there. The name of the mosque is Auburn Gallipoli Mosque, which is  the largest Mosque in Australia.The project of building the mosque was initiated and largely funded by Turkish community. Org2 yg biasa meramaikan masjid tu 50% are the Turkish while the other 50% are the community from various ethnic backgrounds. Maksud disebalik nama masjid ni reflects the shared legacy of Australian society and the main community behind the construction of the mosque which is the Australian Turkish Muslim Community. Gallipoli peninsula is located in Turki.

 -boleh usha the official page of auburn gallipoli mosque kt fb and can visit for more info.

The Mosque

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