Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New RX10 Batch Leader

Assalamualaikum, hye everyone!!

what are you guys doing, huh?
reading journal?......NO!
then??? Zzzzzzzz!! (okay, fine!!)

we would like to congratulate our new 'ayahanda', Bro Jamal, for being elected as our new batch leader. tahniah & takziah, selamat menjalankan tugas ye! to all members, let's support our new ayahanda with brilliant and superb ideas to cherish our RX10 family!!

Jamal RX10

"masing2 ada pandangan masing2, so we have to accept the beauty of each & everyone's ideas. if someone has different point of view from ours, we should respond to him/her by splashing 'water' instead of 'fire'." (Jamal, 2014)

to our mantan batch leader, Bro Hayyie, we would like to say million thanks to you for your willing to fulfill this amanah. it has been 2 years & a half you leaded our family, & now you have to pass it because of other tougher commitment. all the best & may Allah ease your work, respected President of IPHA! :) we would like seek for your forgiveness if there's any mistakes, 'kedegilan', 'kenakalan' or segala action yg kurang memuaskan. zero-zero ye! p/s: when your heart is pure, your mind is clear-quoted

that's all for now. good night everyone!
pen off.

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