Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's Drizzling yet We Kept Carwashing

"Oh, car (or motorcycle)..... How can i take shower everyday and you don't even clean yourself for months (or weeks)... Pity you..."

Ok. Enough with the drama there, because a number of cars and motorcycles of IIUM Kuantan people were already cleaned and become shiny on last Saturday, 15th February 2014. HOW? 

We did the car-and-motorcycle wash, for sure!   

This car wash is a fundraising initiative for adding more money to our coming 7th NPSC finance, which is scheduled to be on 11th-13th April. So, to make this xtvt work, the organizing committee members of 7th NPSC (including 'rockers' from Rx10) worked together from morning until evening and we were very lucky because the weather was cloudy plus drizzling on that day. No need for sunblock, for bros and sis, and long sleeves, for bros. Alhamdulillah....  

Our artistes were working on the banner. With rapt concentration. Big clap for them.

Baguihnyer Pok Jat... Ni keter y ke brapa dh ni...?

In the evening, the car washing xtvt turned more vigorous because many cars came at a time and all the hardworking 'ants' had to work faster to ensure that all cars were washed, vacuumed and tyre-polished. Ah, it's quite tiring, but they(excluding me, hehe.. because my shift ended at 3pm) had so much fun fulfilling the objectives of the organizer and customers. 

Thanks to Nasrin for the behind-the-veil work and Lukey for leading this xtvt and others who volunteered to work on that day.  Your hard work is very much appreciated and only Allah can reward all of the good deeds. That's for sure. 

The xtvt ended at 6.30pm (Whoah, almost 12 hours we did the carwash! that's AWESOME).

It's euphoric to be part of this sort of xtvt, where we can work together to achieve the same goals and also, learn new thing like polishing the tyre (oh, that's new for me). Hope next time, we can involve more in xtvts that are never-before-joined, so that we can broaden our perspective and bring benefits to others. 

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