Friday, December 19, 2014

Learn Life The Fun Way

 by Haziq Abu Othman (RX10 "Mr. President")

Have you ever wonder that playing game can teach you about life? "It's up to us to decide on how we're going to see the world around us - HAO". The game that I want to mentioned here is none other than 'Clash of Clans'. It's a very simple strategic game which can be played in mutiplayer mode together with other people around the globe. Some of us in this batch had the chance to co-founded a clan previously whereby we're able to gather people from UK, USA, India, China, Egypt and other parts of the world. Initially, that clan was made simply to gather few friends in one clan just for the sake of playing the game together. But, it turned out to be a massive and highly-proactive clan with unbreakable winning streak at the earlier phase of its existence.

Photo: Some of the members or clashers in the team

Photo: Example of the layout of the game

In this game, you're playing not only by yourself but together with other persons, in this case with some of us in the Rx10, that have a diversity of personality of their owns. Here are some of them that you might also want to know:

1) I-Follow-U type
This type of personality used to accept whatever the ideas being presented. Even if the idea seems to be unreliastic or hard to achieve, he or she will support the move till the end.

2) Disagree-All-The-Way type
There is also people who disagree with whatever the whole team has decided on almost all matters. This kind of people are very stubborn and hard to handle. The only way to get through this personality is by giving proper explanation on why we do this and do that. That's all.

3) I-Am-The-Boss type
This kind of person tends to make decision based on his own thought or I could say belief. In the end, nothing happens except that the whole team becomes unstable become of presumably one-man show.

4) Here-But-Undetectable type.
This trait can be seen especially in those who just started playing the game or had stopped playing for awhile. They might be in the clan but their presence is unnoticable.
5) Easily-Touched type
Whenever a topic is being discussed, this person will easily get distracted and tend to be sensitized on most of the cases being discussed.

6) Happy-And-Too-Friendly type
This fella will be happy and hyperactive, especially when newcomers just started to join the group. He or she will start to ask a lot of questions which sometime not suitable to be asked.

7) Big-Manager type
Like to play the game like business. Everything must come with profits rather than friendship. But the best thing about this type of persons is that you'll get to reach the goal of the team easier because he or she will try the best that he or she could to achieve the objectives set wisely.

These are some, if not all, the types of people that will colour your life in one way or another. You might as well see and work with them now or later. So, it's very interesting to able to have a more fun platform to learn about friendship and especially about humans itself.

Photo: The battle that we won

Therefore, we see things through others. I'm Haziq, the Leader of RxTen clan, not long from now I think, and I'm happy to play this game with all of you.

RxTen clashers:
azsb, troll, Axons21, ApikKirito, Yie farhani, z4Ro, sameon, zuzull, adalimumab, nadzmi, lambat panas, AwakKatMana, aizat, gtt, acapb, aimilin, Rx_Rajaei, pira, phunsukh wangdu

P/S: This post was not meant to encourage anyone to try it but just to share the experiences gained by the author. Haha..


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