Saturday, November 10, 2012

RX10 Jalan-jalan di KL sama2 yay ! :D - NUCLEAR PHARMACY VISIT

     Looking at the above title, our days in KL were not a kind of leisure jalan-jalan actually. Saja nak tulis macam tu sebab nak bagi 'kick' sikit kat post ni. hehe. Well, it's more like an official study visit, a Nuclear Pharmacy Visit to Hospital Kuala Lumpur and Hospital Putrajaya, joined by all RX10 members who are taking Nuclear Pharmacy subject this semester. 

     The visit was held on 29th October 2012, and we were divided into two groups in which, those who were in group one were going to Hospital Kuala Lumpur whereas those in group two were going to Hospital Putrajaya. The aim of this hospital visit is actually to introduce us to the radiopharmaceuticals preparation centres, and on how they work.

Okay, taknak cerita panjang lebar sangat :D so here are some of the views captured during the visit... ^^

Members of Group 1 at Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Muaz has always been and will always be looking cool and steady :D 
Boys of the flock to HKL
The amazing CYCLOTRON !
All those Radiopharmaceuticals Preparation Instrumentions available in the hospitals
Members of Group 2 at Hospital Putrajaya 
PET-CT SCAN available in HPJ

I cant find any photos of Group 2 brothers. Gambar kami  sisters je banyak. sorryyy :D

So i think that is all for this time. Congratulations to all RX10 members, for such a successful visit there. May it be of many benefits to all of us ^^ !


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