Sunday, March 4, 2012

BBQ at Taman Gelora

4th March 2012.

 it was a super duper exciting day to be remembered. Our beloved RX10 members had gather together to enjoy the BBQ event. the preparation was started yesterday by few of our brothers and sisters to clean and marinate the chicken and meats. even though the equipment were not prepared very well, the event ran quite smoothly.

the aim of our event is to strengthen the ukhwah among us and to relax our hearts and minds after 'working so hard' throughout the 4th week of 2nd sem with classes, tutorials and practical labs. is it right, beloved brothers and sisters? NO COMMENT!

hopefully, all brothers and sisters really enjoyed the awesome event with delicious foods provided. if there's any unsatisfactory among us, it is advisable to apologize to each other. ukhwah fillah abadan abada  :)

million thanks to all brothers and sisters who work very hard to organize this event including for those who stayed up till early morning to prepare the BBQ sauce, woke up in the morning to make the coleslaw, spend a half day to clean and marinate the meats and chickens, retained heat to make sure the food was cooked very well and gave support to enjoy the BBQ event! your cooperation are highly appreciated :)

during the event, we also celebrated birthday of our few brothers and sisters. the secret recipe cake was so tempting. no wonder, it was finished just in the blink of eye! for those who cannot join the event, please do not be frustrated. here are few tokens of memory to be shared.

till we meet again. insya-Allah :)

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